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v0.3: Download Revamp, Aspect Ratio Fixes & New Design Elements

Downloads Revamped

We were getting some complaints initially that the download as PDF or PNG would not function properly, and often, the design elements would change after downloads.


We've made some changes, and now it works flawlessly. Users are now able to preview the carousels as well before downloading them.


Screenshot from 2023-11-13 10-46-25


16:9 Aspect Ratio

We've added the 16:9 (presentation) aspect ratio and have improved on others.


Now, the carousel slide sizes are:


- Square:

- 1:1 - 1080 x 1080

- Portrait:

- 3:4 - 1080 x 1440

- 9:16 - 1080 x 1920

- Landscape:

- 4:3 - 1440 x 1080

- 16:9 - 1920 x 1080


We've optimized them for the required aspect ratio for different social platforms.


Screenshot from 2023-11-13 10-47-02


New Design Elements

Initially, users could not download different SVGs perfectly due to our original download functionality. We've fixed the issue and added more elements for users to use in their slides.


We've added a few, and we'll be adding more soon.

Screenshot from 2023-11-13 10-54-22