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v0.4: Easily Share Carousel PDFs with Our New Zapier Integration 🚀

New Feature
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PostNitro has connected with Zapier, allowing smoother PDF sharing!


You can automatically route your completed carousel PDFs to other apps for seamless saving, collaboration, and distribution.


Some ways to leverage the integration:


🔗 Auto-save PDF carousels to Google Drive or Dropbox for handy storage and access


✉️ Auto-email PDFs to clients, colleagues, and team members to review creations


💬 Auto-send PDF carousels to Slack channels to loop in your workflows


📎 Attach PDF carousels to Asana tasks, Trello cards, Jira tickets, and more


Distribute your creations with ease! See our guide on setting up PDF-sharing zaps: 


With powerful carousel generation and distribution automation, prepare to share masterpieces faster than ever.


Let us know any other PDF exporting or sharing ideas you have!


Remember, we are launching on Product Hunt on Monday, 20th November 2023. Please show your support by clicking on the Notify Me button: