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v0.5: Multiple Branding + Custom Template Saving

New Feature

Multiple Branding

Users can save multiple branding sets, including images, names, and social handles. This allows easy switching between brand profiles when creating carousels for different social channels.


- Easily maintain consistent branding across networks

- Quickly customize posts for different audiences

- Manage all brand assets in one convenient hub


With the ability to store multiple branding options, producing optimized content for each platform is simpler than ever.


Screenshot from 2023-12-12 12-57-12


Custom Template Saving

Designers can now save custom templates without needing to recreate carousel layouts from scratch each time.


Saved custom templates allow users to:


- Store every design aspect, including backgrounds, elements, colors, fonts, content alignment, etc.

- Effortlessly duplicate visually consistent carousels

- Iterate quickly by tweaking saved templates


Whether crafting an optimized template for a specific campaign or maintaining on-brand styles, saving custom designs enables greater efficiency and visual continuity.


Screenshot from 2023-12-12 10-59-09



- Reduced overall loading times for an even smoother experience

- Fixed bug preventing deletion of imported images

- Added language support for Slovak and Czech