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v0.6: Background Images + Minimalistic Design + Improvements to Swipe Indicator & Slide Number

New Feature

Elevate Carousel Visuals with Background Images

Enhance your carousel slides. With the latest update, users can easily add background images to their slides, giving them more control and creativity in their presentations.


Whether you want to make a lasting impression with a captivating image on every slide or maintain consistency using the same background image throughout, our platform allows you to customize your carousel slides to suit your unique style and content.


A button is on top of each slide to add background images to your carousel slides to select/upload the desired image. You can choose different photos for each slide or link the same image to all of them. This way, you can create visually stunning presentations that engage your audience and leave a lasting impact.


This new feature will empower our users to create more dynamic and visually appealing presentations.




Spotlight Content with a Minimalist Theme

We have added a simplistic design highlighting your content, allowing you to create captivating and visually appealing carousel posts.


Now, you can easily showcase your ideas, products, or stories with a clean and minimalistic design that enhances the impact of your content. Our platform's new design ensures that your message takes center stage while providing your audience with a seamless and engaging experience.




Add Text To Swipe Indicator

You can now add text to the swipe indicator on the intro carousel slide, enhancing the user experience and making your presentations even more engaging.


With this new feature, you have complete control over the design and messaging of your swipe indicators. Not only that, but we have also introduced a variety of swipe indicator types to choose from. Whether you prefer arrows, dots, or any other creative design, you can now select the perfect swipe indicator style that suits your content and captivates your audience.




Slide Numbers Transformed into Design Elements

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows users to customize the styling of slide numbers in their carousel posts.


You can now choose between two different slide number styles. The first option is a rounded slide counter with a background color, which adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall design of your carousel. The second option is a simple number without background, allowing your content to take center stage without distractions.