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v0.8: Localize PostNitro Into Your Dialect

New Feature

We now support localizing the PostNitro experience to 8 different languages.

🇺🇸 English

🇨🇳 中文

🇳🇱 Nederlands

🇧🇷 Português

🇫🇷 Français

🇩🇪 Deutsch

🇮🇹 Italiana


Toggle your preferred language inside our Carousel Maker for a more intuitive experience. All buttons, prompts, and guidance text will adapt to the dialect you know best.


We'll expand support to more languages over time to empower creators and marketers globally to easily create engaging carousels.


Step into PostNitro's Carousel Maker and produce captivating visual content tailored specifically for your audiences in just minutes!




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